Dim Sum

As part of Mohd Chan Group’s quest in redefining Cantonese-inspired cuisines in the halal food industry, we bring you Mohd Chan Dim Sum.

Serving charming dim sum and other Cantonese delicacies originated from Chinese teahouses, Mohd Chan Dim Sum is a Cantonese brunch concept which can also be enjoyed at other times of the day with loved ones.

Delightful Bites of Canton

Embracing the true meaning of dim sum, which means “to touch your heart” in Cantonese, our culinary creations are made with heartwarming love to treat your palate with homemade, flavourful bite-sized delights.

Chicken Siew Mai

See Zap Chicken Wings

Giant Chicken Bao

Shang Hai Dumpling

Lotus Leaf Rice

Chee Cheong Fun

Siew Bao

Seafood Porridge

Egg Tarts

With over 30 steamed and fried dim sum to indulge in, find us today!

Looking forward to serving you.